Me voy a olvidar

te , campo adentro-ninho

;Walabi retirada de la tercera edad en la primera. Con el beso en los ojos, sin pangea ni marisco solo eso.


Manuel Mendive Hoyo aka Manuel Mendive

Country: Cuba (Panafricanist agenda again)

Style: Abstract/ Surreal/ Afro-Cubanismo

Medium: pastel on heavy paper laid downon board, Acrylic on canvas and oil on canvas

Fun  Fact: In 1982, Mendive made his first trip to West Africa and traveled throughout the region for a year gaining new insight into his Yoruba roots.[11] He drew energy from spending time in Africa and became inspired on a whole new level.

Quote: the critic Edward Sullivan says, “I conceive of his work as daring, rebellious, unconventional and brave. He does not care about fashion or trends. His images, which so often incorporate and wildly transform the vestiges of African stimulus, do not appeal necessarily to those who seek the latest trend in the art world. Instead of intellectualized minimalism or hollow conceptualism, Mendive relies on the senses: thought, touch, color, breath, air, and fire”


1. Inside me/ Inside you

2. Overflow and Dreams

3. Bright Waters

4. At the bottom of the night

5. Fluid Foms

6. Moving Bodies

7. Deep Waters

8. Mumbling

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If it’s raining, you will most likely find French photographer and artist on tumblr, Manuel Plantin outside. Of Strasbourg France, he has a talent for transforming reflections into photographs that resemble paintings. Coincidentally, he isn’t a fan of the rain, but it suits his hobby well and provides him with the environment necessary to create amazing art. That being said, if it’s raining expect to see Manuel outside with his camera in tow.  

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